What to Do If You're in a Fitness Rut

My relationship with fitness has changed a lot over the years.

In fact, I realized when writing this post that fitness and relationships are VERY similar: there's the honeymoon phase when you're super obsessed and in love. Then, sometimes it feels like you lose that initial 'lust' and it takes grit, dedication and true love to keep pushing through when things get tough.

In today's post, we're taking a look at my fitness journey and hopefully you'll be inspired to know that even as a *fitness coach,* we ALL have our ups & downs in our relationship to fitness.

Whether you're going through a rough patch with fitness right now or you're completely in love with it, I hope this article inspires you to keep coming back to fitness - even if you fall completely off track (as we all have at some point).

The Ups & Downs of Any Fitness Relationship

Back in 2013, I started to become increasingly obsessed with fitness and nutrition.

I was in college at the time and had gained the 'dreaded Freshman 15.' I quickly realized that without the help of multiple-hour high school dance practices, I was actually going to have to work out and not eat foot long Subway sandwiches every day if I wanted to stay in shape. *Sigh*

So I hired a personal trainer.

This is when I fell in love with lifting weights.

I started my first blog in 2013, called Health Nut Julie (shout out to all you OG peeps who remember that one!) to share my personal experiences with getting fit, sharing recipes, all the typical health blogger things.

From 2013-2015 my obsession with fitness continued to grow:

- I became a group exercise instructor.
- I started creating meal plans and workouts for people to follow online.
- I became a certified personal trainer.
- I kept blogging (kind of) and started an Instagram account for my fitness business.

In 2015, I got so busy with my fitness business that I decided it was time to take a leap of faith and leave my full-time, salaried job in Advertising.

Since September 11, 2015 when I left my full-time job, there have been SO MANY CHANGES:

- I got the opportunity to intern at Strength Camp which turned in to a full-time position for all of 2016, putting my own business / blog / content on the back burner.
- I became a certified nutritionist.
- Mark and I got engaged in January 2017 and decided we wanted to start our life in Canada.
- We traveled to Texas from March - June so he could pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a firefighter.
- We moved to Canada, where I'm in the process of becoming a permanent resident.

Allll during this time, I've been trying to stay on top of my fitness and trying to keep my business going.

And I'm not going to lie: things change when you turn your hobby/passion into a full-time career.

What was once my 'outlet' and something I genuinely adored, suddenly became a self-imposed 'obligation.'

I felt like I HAD to work out, eat healthy, be this walking image of health in order to keep growing my business and be in alignment with who I was being online.

Duh, right? All of those things make sense. And when you love something, it should come naturally to you to want to do.

But if you've been following me on social media for the past year or so - throughout all these changes, the LAST thing I've wanted to do is post my workouts or my meals, create the same YouTube vlogs that everyone else is doing.

Honestly, at times, I didn't even feel like working out or eating healthy whatsoever.

All I felt like doing was eating tacos and watching Netflix.

So, just like any relationship, you go through rough patches.

There are ups and downs. Times when you feel super in love and like everything is just falling into place (the honeymoon stage). Followed by some times when you may wonder, "Is this what I really want for my life?" Followed shortly by, "OMG I LOVE THIS! I'm so grateful to have it in my life. It makes me feel amazing, strong, sexy, confident and on top of the world!!!" Followed by, "I'm so over this. I need a break for a bit."

Who knew fitness and relationships were so similar? ;)

So while my relationship with fitness has ebbed & flowed, I'm definitely back in that honeymoon "I love this so much" stage.

I'm back in the gym consistently.

I'm back on track with my healthy eating.

I'm loving my workouts again and don't feel like I'm going to the gym out of 'obligation' to fit a certain mold or standard of what a fitness coach 'should' be.

I'm feeling stronger, sexier, more vibrant and alive than I have in almost a year.

If you're in a 'rough patch' with your relationship to fitness, keep pushing through.

And if you really want this to stick for the long haul...

Don't put pressure or expectations on yourself to be perfect or love your workouts or feel super inspired and motivated all the time.

Let yourself go through the ebbs and flows.

In the times when it doesn't feel natural, remember WHY it's important to move and how amazing it makes you feel.

Even in my 'rough patches,' I never used that as an excuse to stop working out completely. There was a period in Texas where literally all I did was walk and a few 20-minute at-home workouts per week. But THAT WAS ENOUGH for me at the time -- I was doing something to get my body moving, get my endorphins going and make myself feel amazing while still respecting my energy and what my body needed.

Whatever stage in your fitness journey you are right now, accept it for what it is.

Know that if you've fallen off the bandwagon, there's nothing wrong with you. You're not lazy, unmotivated, unfit.

You're just going through a rough patch.

Find your reason WHY you fell in love with fitness in the first place, and let that inspire you to create change in your life because YOU WANT TO do something positive for yourself.

What's your current relationship with fitness like? Leave a comment below and let me know!

5 Tips to Stay Healthy and Happy Over the Holidays

It's holiday season: the best time of the yeaaaaar!

I'm thankful to be a partial-Canadian now because I get TWO Thanksgivings every year - one in October, and one tomorrow. #blessed

Let me be real for a second: As a recovering perfectionist and all-or-nothing dieter, holidays like Thanksgiving used to stress me out.

What will I eat? What if I overdo it? What if I gain 95392 pounds in one day?

Now, I don't stress so much about it - after all, it's ONE day of the year. 

But I wanted to give you some tips in case you are stressing, or you're just trying to feel as great as possible and find balance during the holiday season!

5 Tips to Stay on Track with Your Fitness Goals Over the Holidays 

How you look is the (1).png


Chances are, you’ll be eating a lot more food than usual, it’s time to put that food to good use!

Instead of thinking you need to exercise to 'make up for' what you ate, change your mindset: 

"I am so full of amazing, delicious food right now. My strength will be through the roof! Time to make the most of it and do some heavier squats, deadlifts, etc. and really challenge myself in my workouts." 

Even if you’re traveling, you can still do at-home workouts or go for a walk/run with your family

Also, PLEASE ditch the all-or-nothing mindset when it comes to working out, especially over the holidays. Maybe you can't do an hour long workout, but I'm sure you can fit in 10-20 minutes.

Here's an sample workout:

Directions: Set a timer for 10-20 minutes. Do 12 reps of each, as many rounds as possible, resting as needed. No equipment necessary!

  • Squats 
  • High knees
  • Alternating Reverse Lunges
  • Push ups
  • Burpees


A lot of times, we mistake thirst for hunger – meaning we think we are hungry but we are actually just thirsty. When you wake up, drink at least two full glasses of water. Before your big meal, chug some water. During your meal, drink water. After your meal, drink more water.

See a theme here?

Before you go back for thirds, try drinking a glass of water and waiting a few minutes – that should help you feel fuller!

3. BE DISCERNING (scope out your faves)

I don’t know about you, but I get pretty disappointed when I plan to splurge and don’t end up enjoying what I’m eating.

Before indulging on Thanksgiving – think about what you will really ENJOY eating, and don’t just eat for the sake of eating. (Sorry, stale Publix cookies – Hello, Grandma’s homemade pie you can only eat once per year!)

Be discerning. Save your appetite for the “good” stuff, not the stuff that you can have any other day of the week.


By no means am I saying that holidays are about restriction, and they shouldn’t be!

But in order to not feel overly stuffed, you can save a lot of space in your stomach by filling up
on protein (turkey, ham, etc.) and whatever greens are available.

Then, enjoy a bit of what you REALLY want, as mentioned in Tip #3.

Side note: if you’re not sure there will be any healthy options available at your Thanksgiving feast, bring your own dish. I'm sure your host will appreciate you!


This goes along with #1, but get up and get movin’ AFTER your Turkey Day meal.

The worst thing to do is just sit around when you’re stuffed – so get your family and friends together and see if anyone wants to go for a walk around the block. Or, encourage them to play a game of football together, rather than just sitting around and watching TV all afternoon.


At the end of the day, please enjoy yourself and don’t worry too much about being perfect. Just as it didn’t take ONE day for you to lose 5-10 pounds, it won’t take one day to gain 5-10 pounds.

Use these tips to stay in control and be mindful as you’re eating, and focus your energy on good conversation with family and friends.




Are You Choosing Convenience Instead of What You Want MOST?

Gooood morning, my loves!

I received an email today from one of my favorite marketing gurus with this quote in it:

"People don't do what they say they believe, they do what's convenient and then they repent." – Bob Dylan

He was referring to coaching and sales, but I IMMEDIATELY thought of how it pertains to the fitness goals we set for ourselves.

When we set out on our fitness journey, we all have wonderful goals and intentions:

"I finally want to see my abs!"

"I'm going to lose 20 pounds."

"I want to squat 250 pounds."

But despite our best intentions, our actions often contradict these goals. 

I want you to take an honest look at your habits right now...

Do you choose what's convenient, even if it contradicts what you want the MOST?

Maybe your goal is to finally see your abs, but you get home from work... you're tired... you're lonely... you forgot to prep your food.

THAT MOMENT - when you're tired, when your willpower is low, when alllll the odds are against you...


What you do in that moment defines your results: will you choose the greasy burger/fries from the drive through. Will you reach for a cookie or food you think will comfort you?

OR, will you make the best of what you have - maybe it's canned salmon and avocado because that's all you have in your fridge. Maybe it's a warm bath because you're stressed TF out *and you know it's not food you're really craving.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 3.31.04 PM.png

There's a time and a place for indulgence (SUUUUSHIIII!), but if the majority of your decisions are mindless or indulgent -- your results will reflect that.

The results you EARN don't come when life is easy and all your food is prepped and a kale smoothie magically appears from Heaven above.

It's when you're tired. Sick. Frustrated. Lonely.




Sending so much love!



P.S. If you're planning to apply for the position I emailed about yesterday, please do so by Friday! I'll be doing Skype interviews next week! xo

P.S.S. It's all about balance. In this post, I'm referring to the choices you make the majority of the time. If you do get off track, make your next meal #GPF style + the best option you can. 

LIVE Video Recording of Today's Q&A Podcast

Hey babes!

Here's a recording of today's podcast, recorded LIVE on Facebook for you!

I asked on my IG this morning (@juliemariebooher) what your burning questions were, and decided just to make a whole podcast about it so I could help you better understand the HOW and WHY to get shiz done and make progress in your fitness, health and life. 

Topics we discuss:

- How to find motivation (motivation v. discipline) 
- How to structure every meal to keep you FULLER for longer
- Eating healthy on a BUDGET
- My go-to snacks
- One food I ALWAYS avoid, even on a 'treat day'
- How RESISTANCE keeps us from achieving our goals, even if you want SO badly to achieve whatever it is you set out to do
- How to keep a positive, happy mindset when there's so much BS going on in the world

Let me know if you want me to expand on these topics in future podcasts, or if you have a question you want answered for Round 2 of this Q&A :)