4 Ways to Start Loving Your Workouts Again

Writing this blog post brings me so much joy.

Why? Because for almost a year now, I've felt completely uninspired by my workouts.

Of course with any workout schedule, you're not always going to feel super motivated.

After all, motivation is a feeling that's fleeting. Discipline and habit are what keep you going back to the gym day after day (even on the days you don't want to).

So, what do you do when you find yourself snoozing your alarm and dragging your feet to get to the gym?

If you've been working out for a while and are just feeling all-around blah and uninspired by your workouts lately, keep on readin' sista.

How to Start Loving Your Workouts Again When You're Feeling Uninspired

Photo courtesy of  lululemon atheltica Orlando

Photo courtesy of lululemon atheltica Orlando

I'll give you the most important tip right off the bat:

Do a style of training that you love.

Not what a magazine says you 'should' do.

Not what you think is the 'best workout to do for firm buns and flat abs.'

Not what makes you pull up the covers and want to hit snooze 15x when your alarm goes off for your scheduled workout at 5 a.m.

You need a style of training that makes you excited to jump out of bed after your first alarm at 5 a.m. and lace up your shoes to head out the door

So, how do you find a style of training you're obsessed with?

Here are a few tips to get started!

1. Try new things.

As I mentioned before, we often get caught in trying workouts that we think we 'should' do based on what's trendy at the time. Right now, strength training is trendy (hallelujah because it rocks for so many reasons), but it's important to stay authentic to a style of training that YOU love... not just what everyone else recommends.

From a personal trainer's perspective, I definitely encourage some type of resistance training in your workout routine - even if it's just 2x per week. But there are so many different ways to strength train, it's easy for anyone to fall in love with it!

Here are a few styles of training that might be worth trying out:

  • Bodybuilding (i.e. having a workout split of upper/lower/upper/lower, or whatever you like)
  • Crossfit (please, for the love of God, find a trustworthy coach. I have some recommendations in Orlando and St. Pete if you're interested)
  • Olympic weightlifting (again, best to find a great coach in your area to help you)
  • Kettlebell training
  • Circuit-training
  • Group exercise classes (most gyms have group classes that incorporate weights, and I also love spin classes because I push harder there than I would just cycling on my own)
  • Running (with a goal: i.e. training for a half marathon, 5k, triathlon, etc.)
  • Yoga
Photo from one of my themed boot camps (Halloween-themed, obvi). Of course I was a giraffe.

Photo from one of my themed boot camps (Halloween-themed, obvi). Of course I was a giraffe.

ALL of these are great options! Don't let a coach who specializes in one particular area tell you that it's their way or the highway. When you create a mixture of workouts that works best for YOU, your body, and your schedule... that's when you'll see results because you'll be inspired to stay consistent. And consistency is KEY to getting lasting results.

2. Don't pigeon-hole yourself to ONE style of training if that's not your jam.

This point is my favorite.

When I tried to pigeon-hole myself into one style of training, or classify myself as a certain type of athlete (i.e. I'm a bodybuilder. I'm a Crossfiter. I'm an Olympic weightlifter. I'm a powerlifter)... that's when I felt the least inspired.

Sure, it's important to stick to ONE style of training if you plan to compete in the sport -- that way you can maximize your potential.

But I'm talking about the average person who just wants to look and feel their best, love their workouts, have some variety in their training, and improve their overall health.

Add some variety to your schedule! If you're bored with JUST lifting weights, add some running. If you're bored with JUST running, add some yoga. Go to a spin class with your friends on the weekend. Go on a long hike on a Sunday with your boyfriend and your dog. Do a group exercise class on a day you don't feel motivated enough to push yourself on your own.

Find a mixture of activities you LOVE to do.

For example, right now my schedule is a mash-up of running, yoga, lifting weights, and spin classes... and I honestly could not be happier.

3. Create a workout schedule that works for YOU.

Your workouts don't have to be 1+ hours to get great results. And you certainly don't need to be in the gym 5-6 days per week to get results, either.

If you're one of those people that says, "I can't go for an hour. I'm just not going to do anything at all." STOP THAT RIGHT NOW SISTER.

If you have 10 extra minutes in your day (we all do), you have time to work out.

Remember my post about moving the needle? Go read that if you want to learn WHY a 10-minute workout every day is better than an hour long workout *maybe* once per week.

4. Listen to your body

For YEARS, I was a 'go ham or go home' kind of gal.

If I wasn't absolutely demolishing my muscles in the gym, I didn't feel like I was doing enough.

Now, I listen to my body. What do I feel like doing that day?

Maybe I'm super sore because I had a tough lower body weight session yesterday... so I do yoga. Maybe I need to clear my head and release some endorphins... so I go for a run. Maybe I'm not feeling all that motivated and need a group environment to motivate me... so I go to a spin class. Maybe I'm just all around pooped and need a rest day, so I go for a leisure walk around the hood while listening to my favorite podcast.


Moral of the story:

Whatever it is that you love, do more of that.

In all areas of your life, not just fitness :)

Let me know how you mix up your workouts and what your favorite workout styles are!