LIVE Video Recording of Today's Q&A Podcast

Hey babes!

Here's a recording of today's podcast, recorded LIVE on Facebook for you!

I asked on my IG this morning (@juliemariebooher) what your burning questions were, and decided just to make a whole podcast about it so I could help you better understand the HOW and WHY to get shiz done and make progress in your fitness, health and life. 

Topics we discuss:

- How to find motivation (motivation v. discipline) 
- How to structure every meal to keep you FULLER for longer
- Eating healthy on a BUDGET
- My go-to snacks
- One food I ALWAYS avoid, even on a 'treat day'
- How RESISTANCE keeps us from achieving our goals, even if you want SO badly to achieve whatever it is you set out to do
- How to keep a positive, happy mindset when there's so much BS going on in the world

Let me know if you want me to expand on these topics in future podcasts, or if you have a question you want answered for Round 2 of this Q&A :)