60: Does Loving Your Body Make You Lazy & Complacent?


Does loving your body how it is make you lazy and complacent?

Short answer: No.

A lot of people worry that if they accept their body and love it how it is now, that they’ll never be motivated to make progress. Why change something if you’re happy with it, right?

But that’s only the first layer. You CAN love your body and want to improve certain aspects of it — from your strength, to your endurance, to even your body composition.

In fact, the OOONLY way we’re able to make sustainable change (in an enjoyable way) is to appreciate the journey *before* you arrive at the destination.

Contrary: if you try to force yourself to (lose weight, get stronger, show up every day in the gym, only eat salads) because you hate yourself, you’re going to have a miserable time trying to keep up the motivation to continue.

But if you operate from a place of LOVE for your body versus hate/shame/guilt, you start to treat yourself differently — and therefore, the results come more easily (and often faster).

Because you love your body, you feed it nourishing foods without under or over eating.

Because you love your body, you make time to move on a daily basis because it feels good.

Because you love your body, you want to challenge it to become stronger, faster, more conditioned. You set performance related goals because you know by focusing on those, changes in your body are a byproduct of challenging yourself.

Because you love your body, you speak kindly to it — understanding that the more love you give yourself, the better you’ll feel. And the better you feel about yourself, the more motivated you’ll be to continue treating yourself well.

If you’ve ever tried to operate from a place of hate to change your body, you knooow it doesn’t work. why not try out being kind to yourself, LOVING all up on yoself, and appreciating where you are *right this very moment* while working hard for what you want... because you KNOW you deserve it ♥️




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