How to Start LOVING Mondays Again

Hey, gorgeous!

IT'S MONDAY — which means it's my favorite day of the week!

I know that's quite the opposite of most people, and to be honest, it used to be the same for me.

I used to HATE Mondays.

Some mornings before work, my alarm would go off and I'd snooze it 15 times and just lay there and cry. Partly because my work environment was toxic (aka my boss was nuts), but also because I wondered:

"Is this it? Is this all I have to look forward to for the rest of my life?"

Thankfully, the answer was NO

Once I decided that I wanted to create a life of my dreams, I slowly but surely started taking steps in that direction.

Photo by   Katelynn Carlson   

Photo by Katelynn Carlson 

I got my personal training certification and started training clients & teaching group exercise. I made a 6-month 'plan of action' to save up and leave my job. I left my job, then took an internship at one of the best gyms in the world (where I met my husband — added bonus hehe). I took my business all online, and did freelance work to help support me. 

I'm sharing this with you today because I want to remind you that YOU are in control of your life.

There will never be a 'perfect' time or opportunity. You'll never have enough money, enough time, or enough balls to do the thing you want to do. 

Heck, if I waited until I had enough money or 'was ready enough' to leave my full-time job in 2015, I would still be there. 

But I decided that I didn't want to look back at my 20s when I'm in my rocking chair, sipping coffee with almond milk on my patio when I'm 80 #habits lol, and think to myself, 

"What if I would've tried that? How would my life be different?"

JulieBooher-9225 2.jpg

SO MANY PEOPLE ask me how I left my job, or how I'm able to work from home and move around all the time. People assume that I'm just 'lucky' or that I have some sugar daddy supporting me so that I can write blogs and drink kombucha and do Instagram stories all day. 

It's the opposite, actually.

I've had to work hard for EVERY single thing I want. 

And here's the thing: YOU CAN TOO.

Even if it seems all the odds are stacked against you, even if your family thinks you're nuts, even if you have highs so high and lows so low that it makes you question your own sanity.

You have to decide that you WANT to live a life beyond your wildest dreams, and then take steps to make that happen.

They can be the babiest of baby steps, or you can jump ship and create the net to catch you on the way down.

Whatever you choose, I beg you to realize that you only have ONE LIFE and that life is so. short. 

Don't waste anymore time & procrastinate the things you really want to be doing right now.

And whatever you need, I'm always here to support you on your journey.

Decide. Believe. Commit. << that's all you need. 


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Sending you lots of love this week!xo,

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