STOP Bargaining with Yourself & Choose the Hard Thing

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Hey love!

Today I want to offer you a challenge. A little kick in the pants. A little nudge of tough love. A little butt slap that says, "GET OUT THERE AND PLAY THE GAME SISTA!!!"

Throughout our day, most of the things are do are on autopilot. We drive the same ways to work. We do the same exercises in the gym. We do what's necessary to get by at work. Take an inventory of the things you do every day, and you'll probably realize that you're doing most of those out of comfortability and convenience. 

But what if you took the initiative to DO THE HARD THING instead?

The choice that's uncomfortable, the one that doesn't necessary produce immediate results?

I've been trying to live by this in my life every. single. day. Whenever I find myself trying to rationalize out of the 'harder' choice, I challenge myself to do the hard thing instead.

I hate ab roll outs because they hurt and suck, but here's me.... DOIN IT ANYWAY.

I hate ab roll outs because they hurt and suck, but here's me.... DOIN IT ANYWAY.

For example: 

When I'm laying in bed in the morning, I have the choice to snooze my alarm or get up and go to the gym. The rationalizing thoughts start to run through my mind, "You could sleep in! You've already been to the gym 4 days this week, this can be a rest day. Getting more sleep will help me make better food choices later."

Here's the tricky thing about the way we bargain with ourselves: our excuses are actually valid sometimes. 

I had already gone to the gym 4 times that week. I could've used a rest day. More sleep does help me make better food choices.

But I committed to myself the night before that I was going to go to the gym in the morning, so I did the hard thing: I chose the gym despite all of my powerfully convincing and convenient excuses. 

That means opting for LONG term results versus fleeting, temporary satisfaction.

Because what makes you comfortable right now probably won't change your life much. 

You're USED to sleeping in. You're USED to eating the same foods that aren't getting you the body you want. You're USED to settling for less than you know, deep down in your heart, you deserve. You're USED to doing all the things that you've always done, which have led you exactly to where you are right now.

So why not do something different?

Why not choose the HARD thing for a while, and watch how drastically changed your life is a month, 6 months and a year from now?

Choose the workout that pushes you out of your comfort zone. 

Choose to go on the date, even though "you're not ready to date yet. you'd rather stay in your PJs and watch someone else find love on the Bachelor."

Choose to start that blog TODAY, instead of bargaining with yourself that "you'll start when you're ready."

Choose to ask for a raise.

Choose to stand up for yourself when you're being treated unfairly. 

You've got nothin' to lose... and everything to gain

QUIT bargaining with yourself. Quit playing small. Start showing up, start making the hard choice. And report back to me with how freakin' awesome your life is after you start doing this consistently.



P.S. One of the best quotes I've EVER heard about making progress in the gym,

"Keep doing things you suck at. Once you're good at them, add more things you suck at. Rinse and repeat."


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