Good morning, my beautiful friend!

Every morning, I write morning pages, which is pretty much just 3 pages of freehand writing I use to get all of my thoughts out of my head and on to paper. I do this every morning, and it helps take ALL those crazy thoughts I have about my goals, what I have to do that day, and helps create the space in my brain to focus on other important things vs. trying to remember my 90-mile-long to-do list.

Today, I was reflecting on how LONG it takes for some things we want to come to fruition.

The saying is true: GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME.

Photo taken by Toronto-based photographer  Amin

Photo taken by Toronto-based photographer Amin

Things that are worth having genuinely DO take time: our dream body, career, relationship. It takes hard work and effort.

But when we're so focused on the outcome — "I won't be happy until I get to X goal" — it makes for a miserable ride along the way.

It's like knowing you have to go on a road trip across the country to get to your fave place in the world, California. But instead of driving a reliable car, downloading a bomb playlist, riding with the windows down, stopping to enjoy the sights along the way... you CHOOSE to drive your brother's shitty 2004 Honda Civic that breaks down every 100 miles, whose radio doesn't work, and instead of stopping to stay at hotels and do some sightseeing, you're just going to power through, pull 3 all nighters, get cracked out on coffee and suffer through until you finally reach the promised land of Santa Monica.

Knowing that your journey is a long one, don't make it any harder on yourself than it has to be.

ENJOY the ride. Let loose. Live a little. Have some freakin' fun, why don't ya?!

In terms of fitness & health:

Even if you're not where you want to be right now, enjoy your body & the process NOW. Take classes or do workouts you love. Eat in a way that makes you feel amazing — taking the time to cook and prepare your food so it tastes delicious. Celebrate your body by wearing what you want (i.e. a bathing suit) with no shame and don't just wait around til you feel 'good enough.'

Your dream body will come only as a result of loving, taking care of, and being kind to the one you have right now.


In terms of your dream career:

Even if you're not making stupids amounts of money or doing what your soul feels called to do for a living right now, be grateful for all that you DO have. If you have a roof over your head, meals to eat and the means to read this right now... you're doing better than 90% of the world.

Plus, you're lucky to have ANY JOB in general. And if you truly don't like the job you're in, start taking steps to change that. Start a blog. Intern somewhere at night. Get the certification you need or go back to school on the side. THAT'S enjoying the process and being a part of actively creating the career of your dreams.

When I worked at my 9-5 advertising job, I was teaching group exercise classes on the side, then decided to get my personal training certification, which led to training clients, which led to me being able to leave my full-time job, which led to me being able to do this all online now. But had I just sat there and thought "woe is me... I hate my job... this is it for me." and didn't take steps to be an active creator of my future, I WOULD NOT BE WHERE I AM TODAY, and I certainly would not be continuing to build my dream career on a daily basis.

You just need a little courage. Courage builds confidence and trust, so every time you push the boundaries a bit on what you *think* you're capable of, you'll learn to trust yourself to take even bigger risks. Start small (or start big) but just START.

*side note of love* don't feed yourself the BS of "I don't know where to start" — you totally do. Don't let fear stop you. Take a baby step. What's one thing you can do TODAY that moves the needle in a positive direction? DO THAT.


In terms of your dream relationship:

Even if you're single as a Pringle right now, enjoy yourself. I was single for 3. YEARS. before I met Mark. But that doesn't mean I was sitting in my room waiting for him to come knock down my door (which would have been near impossible because the chances of him randomly finding my apartment in Orlando from Canada is slim.... lol)

While I was single, I took the time to discover who I truly was, without a relationship defining me — as I let it with so many of my past boyfriends. I went on dates and called them "MANventures" (shout out to Jenn — this was our inside joke HA), I discovered hobbies I truly loved (teaching group ex. classes, becoming a personal trainer), reading books and listening to podcasts to improve my career and myself as a human.

Ultimately, when the timing was right — my hobbies, my career, my work in personal development — all aligned when I took a chance to intern at Strength Camp, which *you know the ending* led me to meet and marry the love of my life! Now I live in a totally different country (talk about a curve ball I never would've anticipated in my wildest dreams!), we're about to move into a new place together, and we're creating our dream life TOGETHER.

But that's all because I spent the time to truly figure out who I was, what I wanted, and enjoyed myself along the way.

If you're interested, you can search Mark on my blog and there are plenty of posts about our moves/journey as a couple.

And I continue to enjoy myself (as best as I can) in ALL areas of my life today — even if they're not perfect — because WHY THE HECK NOT???!

Sure, these things take time. But what's the rush?

I've learned that the reason that our dreams don't manifest over night is because we have to become the person that's ready to handle that level of success.

For example, you say you want to win the lottery... but imagine you won $50 million tomorrow. Would you be the type of personal that's financially responsible enough to win that money and — more importantly — make it last? (so many of the winners just poo that money away. sad.)

Or say you want your dream boo to come into your life... what type of person are you being right now? Is your house cluttered with junk, or would you be proud to invite someone over? Are you carrying around emotional baggage from past relationships, or have you spent time working through all your old junk so that you don't carry that into a new relationship? Are you figuring out who you are individually so that when you meet him, you guys can become PARTNERS instead of searching for someone to fill a void that only *you* can fill?

These things take time, but they are so worth it.

While you're waiting patiently, become the person you want to be.

Because it's not about the outcome, it's about WHO YOU BECOME in the process of reaching that goal.

Always be a work in progress and never settle!




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7 Questions to Reflect on in 2017 to Create MAGIC in 2018

First of all: how is it already the end of 2017?

I feel like I say that every year, but DANG time is just flyin' by!

In this blog post, I'm going to give you some questions to reflect on about 2017.

But why, Julie? I am just tooooo excited to start planning for 2018!

Because before you can create powerful intentions and set goals for 2018, it's important to reflect on the past year of your life to see what's gone right, what you could improve upon, and to celebrate yo pretty self - because I'm sure you don't do that enough!


Why It's Important to Reflect (And Not Just Plan for the Future)

I absolutely LOVE the energy of the New Year -- it gives us the sense of a 'fresh start,' and there's a collective energy of everyone getting excited about setting goals and intentions.

And while I'm not a huge fan of 'starting on Monday' (how ironic since January 1 falls on a Monday this year), I am ALL for whatever it takes for people to get excited about their lives and setting intentions/goals to make positive changes.

BUT HOLD UP A MINUTE LIL MAMA: what about the past year of your life that you just lived and rocked? The one where you seemingly fell on your face yet also totally thrived in?

Often we're busy creating goals and resolutions for 2018 that we forget to take inventory of the whole last year of our life!

Here's why it's important to reflect FIRST, and THEN plan for 2018:

  • Reflection allows you to look back at your year as a whole. What went right? What went wrong? What could you do better next year?
  • I'm a huge fan of CELEBRATING OUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS! Reflecting allows us to look back at all we've achieved over the past year -- which is usually a lot more than we think. This simple confidence boost gives us the fuel we need to create even BIGGER dreams for the year ahead.
  • It's not always about what we should CHANGE in ourselves. Rather, let's look at what we were doing RIGHT all year long and continue to expand on that (vs. focus only on the negative / what we need to change).

Grab your journal, my love!

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 3.50.34 PM.png

Grab your journal! This is meant to be an interactive exercise.

Just remember this is a reflection of your own life, so make it as true to you and unfiltered as possible.

The wonderful thing about journaling is no one has to see it but YOU! So be brutally honest with yourself here -- about the good AND the not-so-good.

Being completely honest, vulnerable and self aware is key to making true changes in our future selves. Keep that in mind as you're answering the questions.

7 Magic-Making Questions

1. What were the highlights of your year? (This is an 'overview' question - we will go into more depth later. Feel free to answer in bullet points.)

2. What went RIGHT for you in 2017? How can you bring more of that into 2018?

3. We can't change the past, so this isn't a 'what would you change' question. But, it is important to look back at ways we could've improved so we don't make the same mistakes over again. What could you improve upon on 2018? (I recommend breaking this down into sections: personal, fitness, work, spirituality, relationships, finances, whatever 'main categories' of your life you feel apply.)

4. What did you create that you're proud of?

5. What was a big, scary challenge or event that you overcame this year?

6. What dreams did you set out yourself and ACCOMPLISH in 2017? Or, what actions did you take to take steps toward your bigger dreams, even if they haven't all come to fruition yet?


I hope you found these introspective questions helpful, and feel even more prepared / ready to tackle all the highs & lows 2018 will throw your way.

My hope for you this year:

You'll come even MORE into your own skin,

see your biggest dreams come to life,

work hard,

play lots,

and learn how to create a body and life you love.

That's what I'm here to teach you.

Stay tuned for the rest of Setting Goals with Soul! Every week in January 2018, we'll be chatting all about goals, setting intentions, and giving you the tools to make 2018 your most transformative year yet.

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I hope you found this post helpful! If you did, share it with a friend who should celebrate her accomplishments and be PROUD of herself.

Comment below: What was your greatest accomplishment or biggest highlight of 2017? Let's celebrate YOU!

Strong & Sexy Living(20).png

When Life Doesn't Go Exactly As You Planned

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January 1, 2017.

The day I realized that no matter how much I plan or prepare, how many pretty Kate Spade planners I can fill with dreams and goals and aspirations, how many hours I spend stressing or worrying or trying to force things into existence...

Life doesn't always turn out the way I expect it to.


Before I get into today's email, I want you to be aware of some changes that are goin' on around here. From here on out, I'll be sending you a weekly newsletter with alllll the things -- from the latest in fitness and nutrition, to business, to recipes, to relationships, things I'm going through, lessons I've learned... you know the deal.

I genuinely believe my role on this earth is bigger than JUST fitness, and for a while I've tried to pigeon-hole myself into ONE box.

Don't worry - I'm still doing online coaching. :) *Reply to this email or click the link if you're interested!

BUT this newsletter will give you a little insight into what's going on in my life - with fitness and beyond. If you're interested, I hope you'll stick around. If not, no hard feelings. <3

Back to my story...

January 1, 2017.

My boyfriend and I were traveling back to the US after spending the holidays in Canada with his family (he's from Toronto).

It seemed like any other day... we woke up bright and early, headed to the airport to make our 9:20 a.m. flight, drank lots of coffee to wake up as per usual.

Except this day was different.

We were making our way through customs, when my boyfriend was stopped and sent to secondary customs because of an outdated work visa.

"Meet me over there by the Christmas tree," he said. "I'll be out in a second."

Without really giving it a second thought, I headed over and waited by the Christmas tree.

After about 10 minutes of waiting, something didn't feel right.

Where was he? What was going on?

He was taken into a back area with no windows, so I couldn't see where he was.

Our flight left the gate at 9:20 a.m.

It was 8:45.

"I'll wait til 8:50," I told myself.

8:50 comes... 8:55... 9:00...

Pretty soon, I started to panic. Do I leave? Will he need my help? Should I just board the flight and hope he comes along when he's done? Frantically, I tried to dial my mom. His mom. His sister. His brother. ANYONE... and no one was answering.

Finally, a small woman with blonde hair greets me at the Christmas tree.

"Hi, are you with Mark?"
Me: "Yes."
Her: "You should go along. He probably won't be joining you on the flight today."
Me: "What's going on? Can you tell me anything?"
Her: "No, I'm just the communicator. I'm not sure."
Me: "Well can I see him?"
Her: "No, sorry honey. Go along."
Me: *immediately starts bawling* lol #dramatic, but at the time I was so scared/confused/it felt like my world was ending

Hanging on to the hopeful 'probably' included in her sentence, I boarded the plane in hopes that Mark would magically show up in the seat next to me, we would fly back to St. Pete, and all would be well in the world....

We'd move into our new place the following week, like we had planned.

I'd accept a brand new position at the company we work for, like we had planned.

We'd stay in St. Pete for the next year, building our brand new business that we just started together, like we had planned.

We'd make videos, create amazing content, and continue to build the life of our dreams together until it was time for him to head off to firefighting school in the Spring, like we had planned.

Well.... Mark didn't make it on the plane back to St. Pete that day.

We didn't move into our new apartment.

I didn't accept the new position.

In an instant, everything had changed.

Everything I had PLANNED to happen had seemingly crumbled to pieces around me.

Fear immediately set in as I thought to myself, "Where am I going to stay?! When are we going to be together again? What happens now if he's Canadian and I'm American?"

And of course I felt the intense pain of being separated from someone - my best friend - who I've spent nearly every day with for the past year.

My world was broken in an instant....

But my world was also rebuilt in the same instant.

You see, I believe NOTHING... and I mean NOTHING is ever short of a miracle,

and that life happens FOR you, rather than TO you.

Let's say Mark had made it back on the plane with me that day and everything in our lives had continued along as "planned."

We probably would've gone home, taken a nap, gotten dinner at our favorite local spot... and everything would've just been more of the same.

Same habits. Same routines. Same schedules.

Honestly, you probably wouldn't even be receiving this email right now because I wouldn't feel the need to share my pain and experiences, because everything would be happy-skippy-joy-joy.

You see, when Mark was here, we were happy.

I was so much happier than I have been in a REALLY long time.

But that's the thing.... we were happy. We were comfortable.

I know, and God knew, that we both needed something that would radically shift us out of our comfort zones.

Did it suck as it was happening? Yes.

Does it still suck when I think about not being with him for now? Yes.

But deep in my heart of hearts, I know that this is the greatest thing that's happened in my life so far.

In the most painful yet transformative way, I needed Mark to be abruptly taken away from me to show me that I was playing it small.

I was playing the game and making progress, but not in the way I knew I was capable of.

I was resting on my laurels, enjoying my comfortable life here in St. Pete, watching my deep sense of purpose slip farther and farther away from me with each day that passed.

So what does this mean?

Honestly, I'm still figuring out the logistics.

BUT I do know one thing for sure....

That this is the beginning of the most incredible journey that I'll ever embark on. That everything is about to change my life in the way I've always hoped and dreamed for.

No one promised it would be easy.

Innately we hope everything will go according to OUR plan... but what if sticking to OUR plan is what's preventing us from achieving the bigger and better 'thing' that's out there for us?

I'm not sure what's to come, but I do know this:

Because of this experience, I am changed.

I am stronger.

I am brave.

And I am confident that because of the space that was created in SO many areas of my life, this allows the space for miracles to happen in ways I never could've imagined.

So when life doesn't go as YOU planned....

Ask yourself this:

What if it could turn out EVEN BETTER than YOU had planned?

Believe that it will....

because it will.

Talk to you soon,



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KEY TO SUCCESS: Take Responsibility For Where You Are

The past few days, I’ve been sad.

Let’s rewind and just say that I’ve been more ‘sad’ in the past few months of my life than I ever really have been… even though everything seems perfect from the outside, and even though I know I should be really f*ing grateful for what I have.

My point?

It’s OK to feel sad… even if it’s for no reason.

Life doesn’t always go the way you want or intend it to.

Maybe you traveled somewhere for a job opportunity that didn’t turn out the way you hoped it to.

Maybe you spent days, weeks and months working on a project that isn’t doing as well as you intended it to.

Maybe you’re flat broke and struggling to pay bills despite working hours and hours and hours at something.

Maybe you’ve spent months in the gym but still aren’t where you’d ideally like to be.

I get it. I’ve been in those situations.

 And one thing I’ve learned lately is that in order to overcome them or learn the TRUE lesson behind the challenge you’re facing, you have to take 100% responsibility for where you are right now.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 9.27.15 PM.png

I know… it’s a gut check. And it’s uncomfortable.

It’s uncomfortable to tell yourself:

-       This project didn’t work out because I didn’t apply myself enough

-       I’m overweight because I chose to eat a lot of food at multiple occasions

-       I don’t have a lot of muscle because I chose to skip the gym when I was tired and feeling lazy

-       I’m broke because I’m not applying my energy in the best way that I possibly can be and I’m wasting time on projects that aren’t in line with what I truly know in my heart I should be pursuing…. Or simply because I’m not working hard enough

Admitting these things are REALLY hard to do, because it’s easier to just blame someone else: someone in your life, a coach, your circumstances, your environment.

Tell me if you’ve ever said anything along the things of these:

“This program didn’t work… I wasted my money and my coach clearly doesn’t know what he/she is doing.” (but really you were drinking on the weekends, eating out multiple times per week, failed to meal prep, and failed to go to the gym the days that were written on your program)

“I’m not making any money… there are no opportunities available to me.” (aka I really didn’t seek out opportunities to make money when they were available to me. I didn’t work hard enough at the opportunities that WERE presented to me.)

“I hate my boss. He/she is out to get me and just makes it miserable to work here.” (aka you’re not as successful as you’d like to be in your job and instead of working harder and trying harder, you choose to place blame on your boss for being the reason you don’t ‘like’ the job you’re doing.)

I’m not placing judgment here – these are all similar things that I’ve thought to myself.

It wasn’t until I took a step back and realized that I am in control of where I am right now.

I am where I am because of every. Single. Decision. I’ve made up until this point in my life.

Sure, some things may not be as I would like them to right now… but that just means the ball is in my court to make a different decision – a decision to change where I am.

Don’t like where you’re living? You don’t have to stay where you are. You are CHOOSING to, for whatever reason. (I understand some of these are valid, but if you are truly miserable… there’s a way around everything).

Don’t like your job? Try harder or get a new one.

Not seeing results in the gym? Try harder to stick to your program and diet.

Here’s another important point:

Take an HONEST assessment of where you are.

You can like ANY job you’re doing, if you’re applying yourself and feel like you’re being rewarded in some way or another… even if it’s not your IDEAL position, it can serve you well and you can benefit greatly from the lessons learned while you are there.

STICK to an exercise program for at least 12 weeks before you hop onto the next one. You could seriously pick almost ANY exercise program online and ANY diet plan (although that’s a lot more shaky, lol)… andyou could see decent results if you were 100% disciplined.

*If you need a GREAT plan that truly does work ;) check out my 12-Week Bikini Body Program or personalized online coaching *shameless plug hehe


My point?


You are exactly where you are RIGHT NOW because of the choices you’ve made.

As soon as you take responsibility and realize the ball is in your court and YOU have the power to make a change in your life, the sooner you will be happier, more fulfilled and live a life that you’re proud of.

Have courage.

Be strong.

Don’t settle.

And #GSD.

Love you guys!!!

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Let Go Of What No Longer Serves You

I created Health Nut Julie in 2012.

It started as a blog on Tumblr -- a way to share my newfound love for fitness, document my workouts, and repost overly dramatic quotes about love ~ life ~ and the pursuit of happiness (not much has changed..... ha).

In the past three years, Health Nut Julie has grown from a silly little blog to my brand -- my BABY. It's been with me through college, graduating and becoming a writer at an advertising agency, to becoming a group ex. instructor and personal trainer... and now to my latest venture as a coach and nutritionist at Strength Camp.

And, it's only fitting that as you grow, your brand and identity -- who you truly are and what you represent -- grow with you.

To me... I'm more than just Health Nut Julie.

On paper, I'm Julie Booher:

  • Strength and conditioning coach
  • Nutritionist
  • Fitness entrepreneur
  • Creator of the Strong and Sexy Program
  • Writer
  • Event planner

.... but on a deeper level, I do all these things to serve ONE mission: to help and empower YOU to become the strongest, sexiest version of yourself - from the inside, out.

I want to be able to share more than things that are just "Health Nut" related.

I believe you need to develop all areas of your life in order to become all you were created to be -- fitness and nutrition are only a piece of the puzzle. I want to share what it means to love yourself, HOW to love yourself and have confidence, cultivate powerful friendships and relationships, and share my journey as an entrepreneur and leaving my full-time job to pursue jobs people would call me crazy for pursuing.

In order to help YOU be true to you and become all you were created to be, I must do the same for myself!

So, Jules, what does this mean moving forward?!

I have a lot planned to help you all continue to live a Strong and Sexy life -- and I plan to provide you all with a buttload of new content to help you do just that!

Stay tuned friends...

This is only the beginning :)

Be back soon to fill you guys in.

In the meantime, stay STRONG and SEXY!



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