Let Go Of What No Longer Serves You

I created Health Nut Julie in 2012.

It started as a blog on Tumblr -- a way to share my newfound love for fitness, document my workouts, and repost overly dramatic quotes about love ~ life ~ and the pursuit of happiness (not much has changed..... ha).

In the past three years, Health Nut Julie has grown from a silly little blog to my brand -- my BABY. It's been with me through college, graduating and becoming a writer at an advertising agency, to becoming a group ex. instructor and personal trainer... and now to my latest venture as a coach and nutritionist at Strength Camp.

And, it's only fitting that as you grow, your brand and identity -- who you truly are and what you represent -- grow with you.

To me... I'm more than just Health Nut Julie.

On paper, I'm Julie Booher:

  • Strength and conditioning coach
  • Nutritionist
  • Fitness entrepreneur
  • Creator of the Strong and Sexy Program
  • Writer
  • Event planner

.... but on a deeper level, I do all these things to serve ONE mission: to help and empower YOU to become the strongest, sexiest version of yourself - from the inside, out.

I want to be able to share more than things that are just "Health Nut" related.

I believe you need to develop all areas of your life in order to become all you were created to be -- fitness and nutrition are only a piece of the puzzle. I want to share what it means to love yourself, HOW to love yourself and have confidence, cultivate powerful friendships and relationships, and share my journey as an entrepreneur and leaving my full-time job to pursue jobs people would call me crazy for pursuing.

In order to help YOU be true to you and become all you were created to be, I must do the same for myself!

So, Jules, what does this mean moving forward?!

I have a lot planned to help you all continue to live a Strong and Sexy life -- and I plan to provide you all with a buttload of new content to help you do just that!

Stay tuned friends...

This is only the beginning :)

Be back soon to fill you guys in.

In the meantime, stay STRONG and SEXY!



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