Do You Self Sabotage?

Are You Unknowingly Keeping Yourself From Getting Results? 


Do you self sabotage when you're about to reach the next level of success? 

Maybe it's in your body, your finances, your business, your relationship.

It's like as SOON as you start to see results you've never experienced before, you do something *unintentionally* that pulls you right back to the same level you're comfortable at. 

You see... our bodies / brains want to keep us safe. They like staying in the "safe zone," that place you've been in forever: your zone of "greatness" vs your zone of GENIUS.

In order to get into your zone of GENIUS (aka that next level), you'll have to become very aware of when and how you start to sabotage your success.

Do you binge eat as soon as you start to see progress in your body? 

Do you stop texting someone back when things start to get too serious and you're scared of intimacy?

Do you go out and spend a bunch of money on stupid shit as soon as you have a little extra money?

Despite our best *conscious* effort to improve, our subconscious is packed with the stories we've told ourselves for YEARS - the same stories that keep us broke, overweight and unhappy.

The solution?

1. Awareness
2. Believing you're worthy to receive all that you want 💕 

I recommend reading/listening to The Power of Your Subconscious Mind to learn how reprogramming the thoughts we don't even KNOW we think, ultimately makes all the difference in our success (or our failure).