5 Things I Did to Become a Happier Human

Hi beautiful,

I have an important message to share with you today.

Because while you may see me as a happy, bubbly, bright person on social media or in real life... I wasn't always that way.

I used to complain often, talk about people, speak negatively about my life and circumstances. And as a result, I suffered from crippling anxiety, panic attacks and depression. 

Of course, I was a perfectionist, so I often struggled with these things alone. 

But those dark thoughts about myself, others and my circumstances seemed so overwhelming to me a few years ago that eventually - after having a panic attack in the middle of a street downtown - I thought...

Something's gotta change. I need to find a way to be happier.

So I did.

These are the exact things I did that 10x'd my happiness. Not overnight - change always takes time. But try to nail down a few of these and let me know how much brighter your life becomes :)


1. I changed my environment. 

At the time, I lived in a drama-filled household. Fighting and negativity were the norm, and even though I tried my hardest to be positive, sometimes it felt impossible to rise from the darkness. 

It took a while, but eventually I moved out of that place and into an apartment with a new roommate where I made SURE to create a 'sacred space' for myself. 

Lesson learned: even if you're saving money in your current situation, no amount of money saved is worth sacrificing your happiness and sanity. :)

2. I started guarding who I spent time with and the information I consumed/listened to.

I stopped watching YouTube videos about nutrition and fitness (because it didn't actually teach me anything anymore, it just made me compare myself to their bodies/careers/etc.). I cleaned up my news feed on Instagram & Facebook and stopped following all the people that triggered me and made me feel less than worthy about myself.

3. I started listening to podcasts or books that inspired me to live my best life. 

A few of my favorites: Tony Robbins, Marie Forleo, Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay, Manifestation Babe, Jen Sincero (seriously, go read You Are a Badass right now.)

4. I started finding likeminded people that inspired me to become better.

Let's be honest - sometimes we outgrow the friends in our lives. And that's totally fine! If you're in a journey of personal growth and development, some people simply aren't interested in that.

That's not to say you have to stop being friends with those people, but it's helpful to become close with people who are on your level (or higher) who inspire you to become a better version of yourself.

I started networking with these inspirational people through events/seminars/local meet ups/online.

That's how I ended up at Strength Camp and met the love of my life, too. It works ;)

5. I made self care a priority.

I stopped doing things I hated - period. 

I created a morning routine that makes me feel amazing.

I started doing more of what I love - dancing, reading, laughing, having fun with friends and family, working out regularly, eating well.

And I made sure to shift my perspective and reframe my thinking from negative to positive (which isn't easy and takes time, but totally worth it.)


What are YOUR biggest tips for becoming happier?

Sending you lots of happiness & positivity, always.