I Used to HATE My Body

I used to hate my body.

I used to stand in the mirror, say mean things, call myself fat, grab my love handles, cry. [Side note: this is when I wore a size 0.]

Photo by the lovely  Katelynn Carlson Photography

Photo by the lovely Katelynn Carlson Photography

I received compliments often, but not from the person who mattered most: MYSELF.

I wasted SO MUCH TIME trying to change my body. I micromanaged my food. I wouldn't leave the house if I felt fat. I let the scale dictate my mood for that day.

I let my pursuit of perfection in my body ROB me of my joy and happiness.

My obsession with my body made me play small. It kept me stuck. It prevented me from sharing my message and gifts with the world because I never felt worthy or good enough.

So while you may view me as someone who's confident in their own skin, who "has it all together" (lol that one is my fave), and who loves herself no matter what... IT TOOK ME MANY YEARS TO GET HERE.

And I'm still not done improving - I never will be.

I've worked on loving myself every single day for the past 5 years. Some days it comes easy to me, other days it doesn't.

But what matters most to me is that I SHOW UP for you every single day, whether I feel good enough or not.

I have a purpose to fulfill in this world, and it will not be achieved by shrinking down, hiding, playing small or feeling bad for/about myself.