Q&A: How to Get Better at Intuitive Eating

Hey lovelies!

Today's blog post is going to be short, sweet and to the point since I have lots of client work to catch up on. But, I wanted to share one of those emails with you because I think you'll find it super helpful if you're transitioning from tracking your calories/macros into intuitive eating. 

I got this question from one of my nutrition coaching clients this morning, and I figured I'd share my response on the blog. 


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Hey! I have one other question for ya...do you have any advice on how to get better at intuitive eating and how to slow down and be more mindful when I eat? I've loved adding more fat to my meals and I don't feel hungry every 2 hours any more which has been awesome, but I have still been eating a snack around 3pm because I'm just sort of used to eating at that time. That's just a small example and I know I have to do it for a while to get used to it but I'd love any advice you have! 

My Answer

Hey lovely!

You truly just have to listen to your body. We've been trained for years and years through dieting, and have created habits around eating a certain times - even if we're not necessarily hungry. Most of the time it comes from a place of fear, as in if we don't eat NOW, we may not eat again later so we need to make sure we eat "just in case." 

It's OK to feel a little hungry. Distinguishing between emotional hunger and true hunger helps. True hunger is when you feel your stomach growling, maybe you get a little lightheaded. Emotional hunger is when you're bored, angry, sad, tired, etc. and think food will give you what you need (it may make you feel better in that moment, but it won't overall). 

Take it one step at a time. I find that eating bigger meals helps with not wanting to snack constantly - as you mentioned, you feel full with the added fats, which is great! This means you probably won't need to snack as much as you're used to. 

If you are TRULY HUNGRY, snack of course! But before you reach for a snack immediately, check in with yourself and ask 'is this true hunger or emotional hunger?' Drink a glass of water and wait it out for 20 minutes.. if you're still hungry, eat. If you're not - do something to occupy your time like going for a walk, reading, listening to a podcast, something to distract you. 

And just a reminder: you won't be perfect at this. I'm not. No one is. But you learn a little more about yourself each and every day if you're truly listening to your body and what it needs. You'll start to trust yourself more and more as the days/weeks go on. So just follow those tips as guidance but eventually you won't need to think about it much at all as it will come naturally to you :)

Also, if you haven't already, I highly recommend reading/listening to this book: https://www.amazon.ca/Intuitive-Eating-2nd-Revolutionary-Program/dp/0312321236

You got this girl!!

Trust yourself.


I hope you enjoyed this!

Comment below and let me know your experience transitioning from tracking -> intuitive eating. What resources or tips helped you?