Ditch the Labels: There's No ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL Approach to Fitness

It's no secret my preferred style of training has changed a few times over the years. 

There was the time I was obsessed with running and ran my first half marathon (I was also a vegetarian at this time):

Then, there was the time where I focused primarily on body building & powerlifting (I love me some deadlifts. Here's my PR of 255):

Then, there was the time where all my workouts were based on getting strong AF through Olympic Weightlifting (think lots of squats, clean & jerks and snatching; see my jerk PR here! I was so proud haha):

And now, it's a hybrid of almost everything above (lifting, running and yoga).

For so long, I was attached to the idea that I only had to do ONE style of training. 

I either had to do bodybuilding, OR running. I couldn't do both.

I either had to love yoga and become a complete vegan yogi, or I had to throw heavy weights over my head while practicing Olympic weightlifting. I couldn't do both. 

Well, I'm calling bullshit on that.

Who says you can't do a mixture of things you love to see great results?!

If there's one common theme amongst myself and all the beautiful women I've worked with over the years, it's this:

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to getting in your best physical shape. 

And at the end of the day, the most important factor in seeing results in consistency

I completely understand that there are more efficient ways to train based on the body type you're going after. For example, if you want to be ripped and toned like a bodybuilder, yoga alone probably won't get you there (with the occasional Unicorn exception). And if you want to build exceptional amounts of strength and muscle, running alone won't get you there. 

But when did we start favoring what we SHOULD be doing over what feels best to our own body?

Why do we let society/the fitness industry dictate the style of workout we should be doing, even if it doesn't feel authentic to what we truly crave? 

Also, here's the thing: styles of working out come and go.

Remember when Zumba and Brazilian Butt Lift DVDs were all the rage? And now bodybuilding/physique competitions seem to be all the rage - if you spend half a second scrolling through Instagram, you're sure to come across some shredded babes in 1/2 buttcheek-exposed bikinis.

So what will the trend be next? Who really knows!

But what I do know is that I'm at the point in my life where I want to train in a way that makes ME happy. 

Not what people say I 'should' be doing.

If I want to train for a half marathon, I will. I'm tired letting the idea that 'steady-state cardio is terrible for you' stop me if I genuinely enjoy the challenge that comes from running longer distances.

And if I want to do yoga, I will. It completely shifts my mindset, gives me perspective, and allows me to focus on the things that really matter in my life. 

And heck, while I'm at it, I'm also going to keep lifting HEAVY AZZ WEIGHTS because yo girl loves being strong

Oh, and spin classes. I do those 1-2 times per week too, because I freakin' love 'em. No other reason. 

MORAL OF THE STORY: do what makes YOU happy. Whatever style of training that you'll stick with for the long haul is what's going to help you see the best results. Why? Because if you're miserable doing something (even if it's what the magazines say is 'cool' right now), you'll eventually get bored with it and quit working out all together. 

Ditch the labels. 

I love running. I love yoga. I love lifting weights. I love doing crazy shiz like tire flips, sled pushes and farmers carries. I love taking the occasional spin class. 

Embrace what you LOVE.

Whatever sets your soul on fire and makes your heart race because you're so excited to take that class, go for that run, or hit that new PR.... go do more of that

Sending you so much strength and love!



How to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

How to Motivate Yourself to Work Out 

...When you really don't feel like working out!

Hey gorgeous! 

Let's get straight to today's topic, shall we? 

Motivating yourself to work out when you really don't wanna. 

Long story short, I don't feel like working out right now. 

Can you relate?

Maybe it's the end of your work day and you have a workout scheduled after work, but you'd rather just go straight home, make dinner, and go to bed. 

Or maybe it's early in the morning and your alarm goes off and you try to convince yourself that sleeping an extra 30 minutes will feel a lot better than the feeling of accomplishment you'll get from a workout.

I get it. 

I usually prefer working out first thing in the morning, before I get my day started. I feel like it grounds me, centers me, and gives me life, and otherwise - once I get on my computer and start working, there's no stopping me.

So for me, it's usually a morning workout or it doesn't get done at all.

And here we are -- 2:30 p.m. No workout in the books. 

So I figured as I sat here sipping coffee, praying to the workout gods that they'll send me some extra energy and motivation...

I figured I'd pop in and share with you exactly HOW I motivate myself to get to the gym when I'd rather just crawl into bed, take a mid-afternoon nap, light and candle, listen to Jack Johnson and pretend it's not raining outside :).


1. Remind yourself of your goals.

I always preach to my coaching gals that you HAVE to constantly remind yourself of your goals and why you're doing this in the first place. It's not enough to discover your 'why' in the beginning (i.e. wanting to get stronger, get your first pull up/push up, specific weight training goals, an amount of weight you want to lose, etc.)... you have to constantly be reminded of it.

Because of course it's easy in the beginning. But what happens on days like today when the last thing you want to do is drive to the gym after work?

Tip: put your goals EVERYWHERE. Doodle them in your notebook. Put them on a sticky note at your computer. Write them in your journal. Put them on your calendar. 

When you're reminded of WHY you're doing it over and over again, you're much more motivated to light that fire under your bum and understand that as much as you'd rather snooze right now, the workout you're about to do is bringing you one step closer to your end goal. 


Whether it's first thing in the morning (I recommend setting out your clothes the night before or even sleeping in them #noshame), or after work -- just. get. dressed.

Simply the act of putting on your workout clothes and lacing up your shoes sends a signal to your body that you're ready to go get 'em, tiger.

3. Commit to 10 minutes.

Seriously - that's it. Even if your scheduled workout should take around an hour, commit to 10 minutes. That means get your butt to the gym, start walking on the treadmill; or if you're working out at home, start your warm up. 

Set a timer for 10 minutes and let that be enough. Chances are, after the 10 minutes is up, you'll have enough energy and motivation to follow through with your whole workout - but even if you just get those 10 minutes in... 10 minutes is WAY better than nothing at all!


This is everything!!! Especially if you've had a long/bad day at work and would rather put on emo music and cry your whole drive home. 

Put on some music you freakin' love, get pumped up. Blast the music in your car and dance like Joe next to you at the stoplight isn't looking at you like a crazy person. Whatever works, right?

5. #GSD.

I used to say this ALL THE TIME but don't think I've mentioned it in a while - so if you're new around here, GSD means Get Sh*t Done. (One of my clients even got me a mug that says this. So awesome.)

You're not always going to be motivated. You're not always going to be in the best mood. But what's most important is that you made a commitment to yourself to follow through with your goals. 

What kind of person do you want to be? 

The one who follows through, even when all odds are against her and she doesn't feel like doing [said thing]? 

OR someone who gives up because they're tired, feeling lazy, etc.?

MMMMHM girl. That's what I thought.

Go out there, lace up your shoes, pump up the jams and #GSD. 


And on that note, I'm off to work out! 

Let me know how you motivate yourself to work out, even when you don't feel like it. 

Sending you so much love, energy and motivation to GSD!