You ARE Good Enough. Here's How to Believe It

Good morning, love!

Happy MONDAY, my favorite day of the week.

Call me crazy, but there's something I love about getting a fresh start to the week - and honestly, ever since I realized that I'm in control of how I feel about my life... it's made all the difference in the way I view my life, my circumstances, my attitude and my happiness overall.

If you're feeling down or dragging your feet this Monday morning, not to worry.

My hope for this email is to give you some inspiration to pick up that pretty little head of yours, completely own this day and this week, and feel like the confident, strong & sexy B0$$ you are. :)

I've been making videos on my daily walks for my Facebook page lately, and today's goes into a bit of detail about something that pisses me off about the fitness industry, and it's this:

The fact that the fitness industry LOVES to remind you/make you feel like you're not good enough.

That you need THIS product to feel better. Or, in order to be loved, you need a 6 pack (which you can get in 7 days by eating 1/2 of a cucumber, 2 pickles and a half of a glass of water per day *insert sarcasm here*).

I. am. sick. of. it.


Because I, too, was sold on the lies that I wasn't good enough. I wasn't lean enough, pretty enough, smart enough. I believed it for the longest time - no matter how 'perfect' or 'put together' my life seemed from the outside.

Steinfield (7).png

This is a bold claim, but put quite simply:

My mission is to shift people's perception of what HEALTHY is and radically transform the current state of the fitness industry. To give a big F U to all the people and companies that sell you on the lie that you're not good enough. That try to tell you in order to be [loved, appreciated, respected] you need to look a certain way.

Because here's the thing that NO ONE TALKS ABOUT:

Your mental health is JUST AS IMPORTANT - if not more important, than your physical health.

Oh, and here's the big ole warning sign they don't tell you when you sign up for a 30-day program to get "shredded abs quick":

If you're not happy with yourself now, you won't be happy when you get a six pack.

...And chances are you won't even come close to getting that six pack because you have so many self-limiting beliefs holding you back, that it's only a matter of time before you sabotage your own success.

It may sound harsh, but it's true - I know because I've been there. Even recently.

When you're constantly sending signals out to the Universe that you're not good enough, you don't measure up, you always fail, you have a hard time being consistent -- you're just going to attract more of the same.

What you think about, you attract more of.

So this week, I have a challenge for you:

Let's focus on re-framing our way of thinking from, "I suck. I'm a failure. I'm inconsistent. I don't follow through."


"I'm perfectly made, just as I am." "I see a goal through to completion." "I'm really good at whatever I put my mind too." "I am disciplined and focused."

It's almost counter-intuitive, because for some reason you'd assume that if you start loving and accepting yourself as you are, that you'll just settle there and won't see results.

But it's the OPPOSITE.

That's the crazy part!

Literally, the second I stopped doubting myself, saying negative things to/about myself, and FINALLY started giving myself some credit:

My body and the way I viewed it drastically changed.

All of a sudden....

sticking to my diet didn't feel like something that was so. freaking. hard. and that I could never follow through with... it became effortless and I hardly had to think about it.

I wouldn't be afraid to wear a bathing suit, but rather started seeking out opportunities to have more fun in the sun because #yolo life is short.

My darling, hear me when I say this: from the bottom of my heart, you are SO WORTHY. Right now. Just as you are.

So, so worthy.

You don't have to change a thing about you to be loved, accepted, cherished and desired.

Your body - but most importantly your mind, and the impact you're here to make on this world - depends on it.

Please believe it.

Now let's go eat well, move our bodies, and feed our minds wonderful, insightful information (podcasts, books, etc. - not social media or anything that causes us to compare ourselves or feel less-than-stellar)... because we LOVE ourselves and believe we're worth it.

Sending you so much love and positive vibes this week!