Should You Be Tracking Calories/Macros?

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Wuz poppin'? Yes, I'm alive and well! Just living the dream in St. Pete, interning at the best gym in the world - Strength Camp!

The transition and move (which I'll tell ya all about sometime soon) threw me for a loop in the most amazing way, but my goal is to get back to providing content for YOU guys - my homies, my day 1s, my peeps (get it... peeps.... Easter's tomorrow? hehehe).

ANYWAYS - on to more important things.

I received an email the other day from a blog reader who's just getting started on her fitness journey. She currently doesn't workout, doesn't even know what "healthy" means because she's read so much information all over the Internet, and just needed an idea of where to start. Her question to me was,

"Should I be counting calories? The thought of that just sounds so overwhelming, but I'm not sure if I can get results if I'm not tracking."

While you can obviously get GREAT results from tracking calories and/or macros, I don't always recommend it - especially for someone who's JUST starting out in their fitness journey, or those who have disordered eating habits and tend to become obsessed with numbers.

Here's my stance:

If you're a beginner -- meaning you're brand-spakin'-new to the fitness world, your diet revolves around McDonald's runs for you and your family, you're drinking more soda than you are water -- I recommend NOT tracking calories. Why?! Because it's more important to learn the basics and not overwhelm yourself from the get go. The reason I see most people fail and give up is because they feel overwhelmed from the very beginning. Stick to the basics - drinking water, walking, eating lean protein + veggies + fruits + healthy fats, sleeping well.... then move on once you've mastered those.

If you've already surpassed the beginner stage -- meaning you've gotten results and you're already relatively lean, but have hit a plateau -- consider tracking macros. Here's a great macro calculator. Try to stick with the macros for 3-4 weeks at a time before adjusting your numbers.

And, if ya need help and/or accountability ... remember I'm a nutrition coach :)

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