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"Julie Booher is a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Certified Nutritionist.  She helps women from around the world realize their fullest potential, not only in their body, but in every area of their life. She believes diet and exercise are only a small part of the equation to living your best life, and is an advocate of balance, happiness, and joy!" Listen to our interview here.

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Melissa Bromley from interviewed me about ALL things health & fitness for her blog. She asks me the burning questions every woman has, aka:

  • "How can I look like a Victoria's Secret model?"

  • "How many carbs is TOO many carbs?"

  • My goals for my professional career

  • The ONE thing I want everyone to know when it comes to health, fitness & nutrition

Read: Part 1 & Part 2

Claireswings Radio: Overcoming Our Inner Mean Girl, Transformation through Fitness, Positive Self Talk and More!

Listen to the episode here.

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