[Healthy Habit] Add THIS to Your AM Routine to Improve Digestion, Skin & Gut Health

Good morning and Happy Monday!

I always love the fresh start to a new week. It helps me refocus on my goals (more on that here and the few blog posts before that, which you can find in that article).

Plus, I always just wake up grateful to live another day #AMEN.

After doing some soul-searching this weekend, I realized that I've been layin' it on ya pretty heavy and deep lately with all the goal setting, sharing my heart, blah blah blah... which can certainly be helpful at times.

But I wanted to lighten things up this week and give you one of my favorite Healthy Habits that I shared in our [totally free, everyone is welcome] Facebook tribe this morning!

This hack helps me start off every morning on a healthy note, and helps hydrate me before I chug a gallon of coffee. (Kidding... kind of hehe)

It's nothing revolutionary, but adding it has seriously been a game changer -- as you'll see in the benefits below.

*drum roll please*

Warm Lemon Water +
Pink Himalayan Sea Salt


Here are some of the benefits of drinking warm lemon water:

- Improves digestion (keeps ya regular, nawmsayn)
- Boosts your immune system thanks to the Vit C in the lemon
- Can lead to clearer skin
- Alkalizes your body
- Hydrates you, obviously
- Reduces inflammation as part of a healthy #GPF diet
- Provides adrenal and thyroid support (thanks to the minerals specifically in the PINK HIMALAYAN sea salt)
- Apparently sea salt water is a libido booster so... you're welcome

I drink this in the morning, along with my regular large glass of water + before my coffee.

Every time I let this habit slip out of my life, I 100% notice a difference in how regular I am, how clear my skin looks, and I get the sniffles more often since this is a huge source of Vitamin C in my day.

So, give it a shot and let me know what you think.

Have a fabulous week, my love!