The Truth About Moving Around So Much

Hi, lovely! 

Happy Sunday to you :)

This blog post wasn't planned (most of them aren't), but I was literally in the middle of writing a blog on a different topic and just wasn't feelin' it.... at all.

So, I'm honoring my feelings and instead of writing about a happy topic, I'm gonna get real today. Because it ain't always rainbows and butterflies, peeps. And ain't nobody acting like it is. 

The Truth About Moving Around So Much

Growing up, my life was anything but stable. 

My parents got divorced when I was 7, and after tallying up how many times I've moved around in my life, I discovered it was a shocking 24 times. 24 TIMES, I HAVE MOVED. That's almost as many years as I've been alive (I'm 25.... I guess I should move one more time to make it sound cooler haha). 

So it's only natural that this instability has carried over with me into my adult life. 

In fact, I tend to crave that instability now... and the risk involved with it. When things get too comfortable (or 'boring'), I have the tendency to want to jump ship and move on to the next thing. 

I love instability because it keeps things fresh and exciting, but hate it because it's an easy cop out for me. I love it because I don't get attached to things very easily, but hate it because it can also be perceived as flakiness.

I understand that everything going on in my life right now is a direct reflection of the choices I've made.... but truth be told: 

Moving is freakin' hard. 

And just because I've moved around a lot, doesn't mean it gets easier every time. In fact, it gets harder. Because the older I get, the more I crave stability.

Honestly, most days I am super pumped that I moved to Canada, but of course there is the human, fearful part of my brain that wonders if I made the right choice (can we ever really know?), what it means for my business, if I really want to raise a family so far away from my own parents, etc. 

But if I've learned one thing in my young adult life, it's this:

You cannot make choices based on fear.

OF COURSE moving to a new place is scary and you're exposing yourself to a whole new world of unknown EVERYTHING... but is that enough of a reason not to do it?

For some people, settling for what's known and comfortable is their jam. And I completely appreciate and respect that (and sometimes even wish I would err more on the side of caution).

But that's not me. 

I love risks. I love adventure. And as much as I 'hate' it, I also love and crave the unknown.

So on days like today, when I'm feeling down and questioning my choices and wishing things we're more stable, I have to remember that I chose this life.

Everything in my life right now is a direct reflection of choices I've made in the past. 

Because I left my full-time job in September 2015, I was able to move to St. Pete and work at Strength Camp. Because I worked at Strength Camp, I met Mark. Because I met Mark, I moved to Canada.

And in a short while I'll be able to follow up with "Because I moved to Canada, I..."

So even though there are hard days, there will be plenty more good days where that came from.

For now, I'm leaning in to this uncomfortability, letting myself cry or feel bad if I need to, but I'm not staying there. There is SO much to explore and look forward to. 

And if experience tells me anything, this is only the beginning of something great. 

Because even if whatever you've planned for doesn't turn out how you expected it to, it often turns out even better - in ways you couldn't even dream of in your wildest imagination right now.



Let yourself be guided. 

This is only the beginning. 



TELL ME: What are you most excited for?

Right now, I'm most excited for my half marathon training; to try a new dance class in the city; and to meet new friends. :)