My Favorite Boss Babes: Women Who Are Killin' The Game

There's nothing I love and appreciate more than women who hustle.

Women who decide that against the odds, they're going to be successful. Women who won't take "no" for an answer. Women who know how to stand up for themselves and communicate effectively in their careers, relationships and life.

In honor of International Women's Day, I'd like to highlight some of the Lady Bosses that inspire me each and every day!

These women are thought leaders in all different types of industries - personal development, business and life coaching, and Oprah.... because she's her own industry #amiright.

My goal for this post is to expose you to some of the women who have made the biggest impact on my life -- in business, relationships, spirituality and more. I hope you find this post and these women at just the right time, when you need some motivation and inspiration to live YOUR best life, starting now.

Without further ado, here are my favorite boss babes that inspire me to live up to my fullest potential.

Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is my GIRL. I feel like her and I are kindred spirits, honestly.

I found her YouTube channel, MarieTV, a year or two ago and have watched probably 90% of the episodes on her channel. Her mission is to inspire, motivate and educate entrepreneurs on how to create a business and life they love.

What does Marie do?

  • She has an award-winning YouTube channel, MarieTV, where she interviews some of the BEST in the business, including Tony Robbins, and just about any big name you can think of
  • Founder/creator of B-School (a business school that Mark and I are currently enrolled in!)
  • Her website is one of Forbes Top 100 Websites for Entrepreneurs
  • Named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation
  • Owner of one of Inc 500's fastest growing companies
  • She's mentored entrepreneurs at Richard Brandon's Center for Entrepreneurship

OK.... I could go on all day with her list of accomplishments. #fangirl

But what I love the most about Marie is that she's relatable. She openly shares her come-up story of how she worked on the New York Stock Exchange when she got out of college, but always felt like she was meant for more. This led her to try many different career paths: a Nike Elite athlete, professional dancer, and eventually starting her life coaching business at the ripe age of 23.

She's been growing her online personal brand for about 17 years at this point, and openly talks about the struggles of pursuing your dreams and passions - she even worked as a bartender, waiting tables, and cleaning people's toilets as a personal assistant for the first 7 years of her business.

She's also a philanthropist and believes our purpose on this earth is to give back to those less fortunate than us.

Why You Should Watch Her

Whether you've just started out as an entrepreneur, have been in the game for a while, or just know deep in your belly that you're meant to do SO much more with your life, Marie provides a healthy dose of inspiration, motivation and realness to get you off your butt & get moving in the direction of your dreams.

MarieTV is a must-watch if you're interested in self development; building a brand; and creating a life you love/making money, all while doing creative work that lights your soul on fire.

Favorite Ways to Connect With Her

Website: (I recommend signing up for her email list, as well)
Watch: MarieTV Episodes

Gabby Bernstein

Ah, my spiritual goddess, Gabby.

She's a New York Times Bestselling author of multiple books, including my favorite: The Universe Has Your Back.

What does Gabby do?

  • #1 NYT Best-Selling Author
  • International speaker on topics like spirituality and meditation
  • Named a "new thought leader" by Oprah Winfrey

Gabby openly shares her struggles of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, and how connecting to something bigger than herself (which she refers to as 'the Universe') saved her life. She's a beautiful example of the fact that no matter WHAT you've done in your past (or what has been done to you), you're in full control of your destiny. You can take charge, not be a victim of your circumstances, and turn your pain into passion in order to make a difference in the lives of others.

Why You Should Listen to Her

Whether you read one of Gabby's books, watch one of her spiritual talks on YouTube or in person, or however you chose to find her, Gabby is changing the game when it comes to spirituality, confidence and women empowerment.

Gabby helps you connect to something bigger than yourself in a relatable, tangible way. She not only teaches you the importance of connecting to a higher power, but how finding our OWN power can help us reach new levels in business, relationships and life. If you're scared that this may be too "woo woo" for you, maybe it is. But Gabby relates to you in a way that's not pushing her beliefs on you, but allows to you see her personal experience with how connecting to her own inner wisdom and something bigger than herself has drastically changed the outcome and path for her life.

Favorite Ways to Connect With Her

Read this: The Universe Has Your Back

Oprah Winfrey

Who doesn't know Oprah?

How could I not include the woman who's paved a name for herself, possibly bigger than any woman in the history of... ever?

What Does Oprah Do?

  • Talk show host, actress, producer, philanthropist
  • Created her own TV network - OWN, and magazine - Oprah

What's funny is I didn't really watch The Oprah Winfrey Show much growing up.

It wasn't until she started her own TV network - OWN - that I began to realize how much Oprah has to offer. What really got me hooked was her Super Soul Sunday episodes, where she interviews people on meaningful topics like spirituality, confidence, relationships and so much more.

This show gives you an inside look at some of the most well-known thought leaders (and even actors/actresses) on how exactly they got to where they were today.

Is it because of their mindset? What were the steps they had to take to reach ultimate fame and success? How did they find confidence and get rid of self-limiting beliefs to reach that level of success? These are all questions answered by people on Super Soul Sunday.

Oprah is an active philantropist, which is another reason she's so well known.

Giving back is an important part of her journey, which inspires me to find a way to dedicate a lot of my time and resources to serving others.

Why You Should Listen to Her

Oprah has interviewed basically every "well known" person on the planet, from Boss Babes like Marie Forleo and Gabby Bernstein, to actors like Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Because she's had the amazing opportunity to speak with people from all walks of life, she's able to genuinely share her experiences and expertise.

One of my favorite books is What I Know For Sure by Oprah. It's a series of lessons she's learned over the course of her life, from love, to spirituality to business.

Favorite Ways to Connect With Her

Honestly, just read What I Know For Sure and watch Super Soul Sunday (both are linked above). You'll be glad you did.

Lisa Nichols

Ah, Lisa. The woman who helped me realize my income and potential have no limits.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 3.07.33 PM.png

I first discovered Lisa on a Lewis Howes podcast (link below), where she shared very personal stories of how she went from not even being able to buy diapers for her son, to owning/operating/creating her own multi-million-dollar empire.

What Does Lisa Do?

  • One of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the world
  • Media personality and CEO whose global platform has reached/served nearly 30 million people
  • The go-to life coach on the Steve Harvey Show

What I love the most about Lisa is that she'll always tell you, "If I can do this -- go from the projects/low-income housing to where I am now -- you can too. You just have to start by changing your beliefs surrounding money and your potential, and believe that it's actually possible."

Lisa's book Abundance Now: Amplify Your Life & Achieve Prosperity Today changed the game for me; it completely transformed my relationship with money.

You see, so many of us have baggage attached to how we feel about money. While I always had what I needed growing up, we definitely weren't well-off by any means. The common theme in our household was that 1. we never had any money 2. we'll never have any money 3. making money is hard to do 4. money is hard to come by and there will never be enough.

I also grew up religious, so I thought money was the root of all evil, and it was 'selfish' to want more of it.

Maybe you grew up in a similar situation, and if so (and if you ever expect to reach exponential levels of success), you HAVE to change the way you think about money and abundance.

Lisa teaches you how money can not only enrich your life, but help you make an impact in the world with it.

Lisa is a also a brilliant life coach, motivational speaker and author. AND she's recently lost a bunch of weight and openly shares her weight loss journey, which obviously I love ;).

Favorite Ways to Connect With Her

Watch: The Key to Abundance and Success with Lewis Howes
Read: Abundance Now: Amplify Your Life & Achieve Prosperity Today

Other Boss Babes

There are plenty of other notable women who inspire me to become the best version of myself, including Terri Savelle Foy, Kris Carr, my girl Ellen DeGeneres, and more.

But the above four women have impacted my life in truly immeasurable ways. They've helped me smash through my self limiting beliefs, give me the inspiration and how-to on creating a profitable business, and most importantly: the empowerment and confidence to share my gifts with the world.

Let's Chat!

Who are your favorite Boss Babes or your biggest female inspiration?

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