We Made it to Canada! + Our Future Plans

Hellllo there!

I just wanted to pop in and catch you up to speed a bit about what's been goin' on in our neck of the woods.

Mark and I have finally arrived in Canada, where I plan to apply for permanent residency (I will still be a U.S. citizen indefinitely). I'll be documenting a lot of my journey, including what it's like moving to a new country, how the process of applying for permanent residency works, etc. More on that below!

Instead of boring you with the details of the past few weeks, let's just say it's been a whirlwind of adventure -- from leaving TX where Mark attended the fire academy for 3 months, to Ohio to visit some of my family, back to Canada where we stayed at the cottage on Lake Muskoka for a few days, and finally to Toronto: HOME. 

Mark's Graduation from TEEX (Texas A&M's Fire Extension Academy)

Mark's Graduation from TEEX (Texas A&M's Fire Extension Academy)

Lake Muskoka

Lake Muskoka

Our new HOME :)

Our new HOME :)

We made it to Canada. Now what?

Currently, Mark is looking for a job as a firefighter in Ontario. Depending on where he gets hired, that's where we'll move. 

I've learned from experience -- moving to St. Pete on a whim last year for an internship at Strength Camp -- how important it is to set goals for yourself BEFORE moving to a new place. That way, you can start working toward a vision right when you get there, as opposed to getting there... adjusting... waiting til things 'settle down'... and THEN setting goals for yourself, all while getting depressed, lost and confused in the process.

Before we even stepped foot in Canada, I set a few short-term goals for myself, some of which include:

- Run the Toronto Island Half Marathon in September 2017 (read/watch my FB post about it here.)
- Write for 100 days straight
- Try out different yoga studios in the area
- Audition for a dance company in September, then a team in 2018

I'll go into more detail about my goals as time goes on.

But for now, I'd like to highlight one of my goals:

100 days of writing!

I am SUPER pumped for this one. For the longest time, I got so caught up in CONSUMING content that I neglected creating anything that's super meaningful to me. I still send out my weekly newsletter, but lately I've been craving more than that.

I want to share more. Add more value. Share my own life and experiences, as opposed to just trying to teach you things about training, nutrition and all the things I love, but that may not necessarily apply to what I'm doing at the moment. 

When part of your job requires a lot of time spent being on social media and putting yourself out there, you can get SO wrapped up in trying to make everything 'perfect.' For example, I waited to do this for the LONGEST time because I was so busy creating content calendars, figuring out whether it's best to blog on Tuesday or Thursday, researching what time of day is best to post, etc.... all of which prevented me from doing what I actually LOVE and sharing with you guys! Ugh. 


You guys know I'm all about creating positive habits, so I'm thrilled that I'm introducing my love of writing back into the world on a daily basis for all to see :) 

I'll be documenting my running, how my training is changing because I'm adding running to the mix, recipes I'm loving lately, personal things, and more! 

Some days will be long, personal posts. Other days will be short posts with a few sentences that highlight something I'm grateful for or how my training is going. But no matter what, I'm going to upload a post every. single. day for 100 days: starting today!

Comment below and let me know if any particular topics interest you. 

See ya tomorrow!



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