Why Having a Partner is Key to Success

I used to be stubborn.

In fact, I still am in many ways (just ask my mom or my boyfriend, hehe).

But one thing I am no longer stubborn about is accepting the fact that I NEED HELP.

You see, I'm like many of you -- thinking I need to have it all together in order to be loved or appreciated. I needed to work the hardest out of anyone, and I could do it all on my own.

I was that person in school groups that wanted to do everything for the project -- which compounded stress on me and resulted in many late nights -- all because I wanted things to be done when I wanted, how I wanted.

But as I've gotten older and hit the ripe age of 25...

things have changed.

I've realized that I'm powerful on my own, but I'm even more powerful with a team.

Looking back to my childhood, it took an army to raise me. My aunts and uncles were just as vital in my upbringing as my parents were. Would I be the same if I didn't have that team supporting me? Probably not.

In my business now... if I just kept all my ideas to myself and never asked for any opinions from my peers or clients, would people enjoy what I produce? Maybe. Maybe not.

In my "hustle" -- aka trying to make my way as an entrepreneur -- would I be better off alone trying to #GSD and make ish happen for myself, or is it more enjoyable to share that success and joy with someone I can come home to, who I love and trust deeply, at the end of the day?

My mini blogs I write daily on Instagram -- are you following?! @juliemariebooher

My mini blogs I write daily on Instagram -- are you following?! @juliemariebooher

Even in my fitness endeavors... my first three years of my fitness journey were spent experimenting, trying, failing and learning. I've had ups and downs, even an eating disorder, because I was too stubborn to ask for help or guidance at times. Had I trusted and opened up to someone, I may have made progress a bit faster or at least in a healthy way.

What I'm saying here is that you're only so powerful on your own.

I genuinely do believe you have everything you need within you to succeed...

BUT it's way more fun when you have a supportive team (friends, family, coworkers, a coach) who genuinely have your best interest at heart, surrounding you.

Speaking of coaching -- I'm opening up Online Coaching again. More details coming soon. But if you're interested in presale, shoot me an email: julie@juliebooher.com