How I Became Passionate About Writing Again

If you've been following the blog for a while, you know the drill.

Health Nut Julie was my OG name, and I started it as a Tumblr blog as my way of sharing my workouts, recipes and random #fitspo. You can read here about why I changed from Health Nut Julie to just my good ole name - Julie Booher.

I won't bore you with all the details about my work background -- where my blog originated, where it came from,  what I'm doing for work now -- but I will tell you where I am headed.

You see, I strongly believe in the power of Godwinks. If you're following me on Instagram, I talk about this all the time -- it's little signs that you're exactly where you're meant to be, or you're on the right path in life.

And recently, I've been getting a lot of Godwinks related to writing.

Writing has always been a passion of mine. I was actually the first person in my elementary school to get a perfect score on the writing portion of the FCAT (a standardized test we have to take here in Florida) #winning... and English classes/writing papers were always my favorite.

I was always just naturally good at conveying my message through the written word, even when I couldn't express how I felt through my actual words. If you ask any of my friends or family, I've probably written them a heart-felt letter a time or two -- writing how I feel about people/things/situations is my absolute favorite thing.

And I stopped doing it for a while.


Because life got in the way. I got busy. And like anything else, when you don't see immediate payoff for something, you're probably going to stop doing it or give it up for a while.

Until you realize you NEED it in your life.

*as I'm writing this I just got Deja Vu -- which means, to me, I'm in the right place at the right time. #godwinks #affirmation #oki'mdoneusinghashtagsinablogpost lol*

It's kind of like working out -- maybe you started doing it because you love it, or because you're good at it, or because you feel like it will help you get in shape.

Then a week goes by, or a month, and you still haven't seen any real progress. You get discouraged because you don't see immediate results -- and that's what we want in today's society: instant gratification for all. the. things. So you stop doing it... only to feel guilty about not doing it.... so you start again. Repeat cycle X amount of times.

That's how it was for me with writing:

"Oh I'm starting my business. I need to focus on doing things that will help generate revenue. Blogging won't do that."

"Oh I'm too busy to write, who really reads it anyway?"

"Oh I'm not on the right blogging platform that's best for SEO. Maybe I just need to create a whole new website so that people will find me (with the content I'm NOT creating.... lol)."

"I just need my blog to be more aesthetically appealing -- great, high quality photos, easy to navigate, etc -- THEN I will be excited about blogging."

But all of those things were BULLSHIT excuses I was telling myself because for some reason, I had a blockage to writing.

Who the F cares if it's not perfect? If I don't have the most beautiful images sprinkled throughout every blog post? If I'm blogging on a platform that's not searchable so no one can find it? EVEN IF I'M THE ONLY ONE READING IT?!

I had to re-evaluate and come to terms with the real reason I'm doing this:

BECAUSE I LOVE WRITING. That should and will be the only reason.

Interests change throughout life, but writing has always been my stability. My love when things get tough. My way of conveying messages to people I love and to inform people about topics that need to be talked about. To teach about loving, living your dreams, pursuing your passions, working out, eating healthy.

If ONE person reads it, great.

If NO ONE reads it, also OK.

If I don't make one dime off of blogging, great.

If I never see a penny from writing, also OK.

Here's the thing, people:


Not because you feel like you will get benefit from it. Not because you think it will financially reward you. Not for any reason besides the fact that you love it.

Because what will end up happening is that if you pursue things you DON'T love, simply because it makes more money or you see the most immediate benefit -- you will never truly fulfill your life's purpose, and you will never feel what it's like to genuinely make a difference.

So that's what I have to say today.

I'm back to share my experiences - work, fitness, relationships, love, all the things. And as always, keep growing stronger my peeps!



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