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A 12-Week Strength Training Program
Designed to Increase Your Confidence In & Out of the Gym

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It's my life's purpose to help YOU feel Strong and Sexy in your own skin, and this guide is the perfect first step!

Weight training changed my life, seriously. 

Lifting weights makes me feel Powerful. Sexy. Strong.
(And like I don't need no man to carry my groceries, OK?!)

And I want EVERY woman to experience this empowered, magical feeling!

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  • 12 weeks worth of gym-focused workouts, gradually increasing in intensity to challenge you and keep you seeing results

  • Strength training and high intensity interval workouts

  • Tips on how much cardio to do and why

  • A beginner's guide to strength training (how to find a weight that's right for you, when to kick it up a notch, etc.)

  • How to set goals so that you're more likely to stick to the program & get amazing results!

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I'm glad you asked! I created the Strong and Sexy Program to help women just like you and me feel comfortable in our own skin.

I was sick of spending so much time hating the way I looked, feeling uncomfortable in my bathing suit, and decided to start weight training to make a positive change in my life. 

Through years of coaching women of all ages and sizes, I tailored a plan that's perfect for ANY woman who wants to look and feel their best! This program is for you if: 

  • You long for a toned, tight body you're super comfortable in
  • You need a proven plan with structure and guidance so you can feel confident when you go into the gym
  • You want to spend LESS time in the gym doing cardio and get BETTER results
  • You've been working out consistently but aren't seeing results anymore and need a challenge
  • You have trouble losing weight in problem areas like belly, thighs and hips
  • You're ready to making LASTING changes to your body and your confidence
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Before I became a personal trainer and nutritionist, I was just like you.

I would sit in bed and scroll through Instagram, searching #fitspo hashtags and trying to gain motivation.

How did they have such nice abs? I run all the time. I THINK I'm eating healthy. How do they get such nice bodies? How is this even fair?!

I had to get to the bottom of this.

Why was I training so hard, doing so much cardio, eating "healthy" and STILL not seeing results?! I was driving myself crazy!

So, I decided to start researching.

Article after article -- one would say I needed to do cardio to lose fat. One would say I needed to do Strength Training.

I saw all these women on Instagram with toned, tight physiques and I wanted that.

I was never really overweight.... but I certainly didn't have any sort of muscle definition or strength.


I was spinning my wheels in circles, but going no where fast.

Can I get an amen, ladies?

If you've ever been in this situation, you know how frustrating it is. To spend hours a day in the gym and not see results. To run on the treadmill for what seems like an eternity, but still have that dreaded belly fat you can't seem to get rid of. To work SO hard in the gym, and STILL not like what you see in the mirror.

Trust me, I've been in your shoes.

In fact, I was stuck just where you are, just a few short years ago.

.... Until I discovered weight training.

It didn't make me bulky like all the myths out there. Since picking up HEAVY weights, I'm actually leaner and more toned than I ever have been!

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<-- Watch this video to learn more about how Strength Training saved and healed me from my deepest, darkest times.

Strength training has given me more than just a stronger, better looking body.

It gave me life. It gave me purpose. It saved me from my eating disorder.

It taught me how to FUEL by body for performance, rather than focus on how much I can restrict calories.

It showed me that I don't have to "exercise" solely for the purpose of burning calories, but rather "train" to beat my previous personal-best records.

It taught me that I'm capable of WAY more than I think I am.

It's given me confidence -- both in and out of the gym.

As I was creating this program, I tried to channel my journey of strength training when I was first starting out.

What did I need to know? What would have helped me?

What kind of coach did I need?

And that, my friends, is why i wanted to share these same gifts with you by creating the strong & Sexy Guide.

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